In the digital age, constructionist learning—learning through creating—can be applied to all disciplines and in all learning settings to encourage “embodied” learning. As such, the pedagogical approach of this course aims to embrace creativity and constructionism in our investigation and reflection of the role of robots, machines, and codes in literature, and our lives.

Organized around discussions, students not only prepared for each seminar, but also participated in creating a podcast together featuring contemporary authors from the course. We had the fortunate opportunity to interview authors for our podcast discussions. Along with completing traditionally assigned activities such as leading discussion, short presentations, scholarly essays, students co-created a podcast. They asked thoughtful, enriching, and smart questions to the authors we studied, created music, and assisted with editing the project. Like the automata we studied, the participants in the class worked collaboratively to make literature become alive.

We thank the following authors for their interviews:

Eugene Lim, Larissa Lai, Mark Marino, Darius Kazemi, Katie Williams, George Abraham, and Douglas Kearny.

You can download the syllabus here.

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Course poster

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